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Street Fighter X Mega Man Cheats
2013-01-23, 6:20 PM

Download The Latest Version Of Street Fighter X Mega Man From Here

Version 2 Adds New Password System Cheats

Street Fighter X Mega Man Version 2 was released on January 21, 2013 and it adds a new password system to the game’s main menu! So cheats are now in the game officially!
Password code for the Final Stages with 4 Energy Tanks:

A 5 B 2 4 C 1 3 5 D 4 5 E 2

Password code for 4 Energy Tanks and no Bosses defeated:

A 5 B 1 3 C 4 D 2 3 E 1? 4 5

How To Unlock The Balrog & Vega Stages

Beat the first eight Stages to unlock two more themed Stages, similar to Dr. Wily Stages, in which Mega Man faces Balrog and Vega.

How To Unlock The M. Bison Final Boss Fight

Beat Vega to get teleported to S.I.N. Headquarters. There you have to beat the initial eight bosses again to unlock the 11th boss. A Final Boss Fight against M. Bison.

How To Unlock The Secret Akuma Boss Fight

You have to get a "Perfect” on-screen for beating any of the initial 8 bosses (on the first or second time) 4 or more times, in order to unlock the Secret Boss Fight (Hint to get easy "Perfects”: Use an E Tank near the end of the fight / right before beating the boss). If you do that, after your battle with M. Bison bring him down to 1/4th health, then the Secret Boss Akuma will appear as the 12th boss. Tom adds: You’re able to get the Secret Boss Fight with only 4 Perfects, one of which can be against Vega.

How To Unlock The Secret Sagat Boss Fight

Sagat is a newly added final boss in Version 2 of Street Fighter X Mega Man, download it off the official site from January 21st, 2013. The new final boss character in Version 2 of the game unlocks after you get 4 "Perfects” in the final boss stages. Essentially up to beating Akuma as described above, but WITHOUT any Continues. Yes, it’s as hard as it gets!

Easy Infinite Lives

To get an infinite number of extra lives in Street Fighter X Mega Man, go to the Chun-Li Stage, and make your way forward to the screen with 3 paths where skating & jumping enemies (are they black & white cats in red clothes?) that keep coming at you, and you’ll see a set extra life if you follow the bottom path’s screen. Run back and forth at the bottom path to switch screens for as long as you wish, because those skating enemies will keep coming at you! Keep killing the infinitely re-spawning enemies to make them drop power ups, which will often include an extra life. As such, this is the perfect place to farm extra lives!

Secret Guile’s Music Cheat Code

Tom has discovered that after getting the Secret Boss Fight with 4 or more "Perfects” from fighting the 8 initial bosses (a 1st or 2nd time). After beating the game, you’ll get a special message at the end credits that reveals a secret cheat code! To quote: "From the Pause menu (press Enter on your keyboard), hold Jump and press Up, Down, Down, Down. Heavenehell Helleheaven notes that it activates in each stage you’re in: Guile’s Theme replaces the Stage’s background music now. Deactivate by pausing the game again & entering the code again.

Secret Hadoken Move Cheat Code

FireHawkX & Misogi have discovered that if you hold Jump and Attack for 6 seconds on the Start Screen, the game makes some "beep” sound… activating a secret move. This allows you throw Hadokens manually via the quarter circle forward Street Fighter method, instead of charging it like a shot, and before even beating Ryu.

Secret Helmet-less Mega Man Cheat Code

Mike discovered that you can get a helmet-less Mega Man in the game. To activate this new look, hold the Shoot key/button on Ryu’s square on the Stage Select Screen and press Right, Right, Right, Left in that order. The game will then make a sound and Mega Man will be without helmet on the Stage Select Screen.

There are no level access Street Fighter X Mega Man cheats on PC yet. That’s because it was intended to be hard-as-nails to beat without passwords and save points. It’s very retro for them to basically say "deal with it and get practicing to get better”. For now, please enjoy the above secrets & unlockables overview. We also made some handy Street Fighter X Mega Man guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Special thanks for the tips to Capcom, NGW & Calen.

Cheat Source

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